Saturday, 2 August 2008

Paul Sample and Wilt

Wilt is a satirical novel by Tom Sharpe. The Wilt of the title refers to the main character Henry Wilt who is a downhearted and underachieving assistant lecturer who teaches Eng. Lit to apathetic building apprentices at a community college in the south of England. Years of nagging and bullying by his dominant wife Eva leave Wilt with dreams of killing her in a variety of ghastly ways. However a series of untoward events, including one concerning that most famous of inflatable plastic (female) dolls, sees Wilt begin his ridiculous journey.

Paul Sample is the gifted artist responsible for bringing Wilt to life on the book covers. Sample has illustrated the Wilt covers through varying reprints, several sequels and other works by Tom Sharpe and as mentioned on a previous post Sample is famed for his cartoon character Ogri.

Tom Sharpe [1978] Wilt London: Pan Books
Covers: Paul Sample

The Wilt bookshelf:
Tom Sharpe [1979] The Wilt Alternative London: Pan Books
Tom Sharpe [1986] Wilt on High London: Pan Books
Tom Sharpe [1996] Wilt Omnibus London: Pan Books
Tom Sharpe [2004] Wilt in Nowhere London: Pan Books

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