Friday, 18 July 2008

For he's football crazy, He's football mad …

Smith’s Football Crazy snacks

Smith’s Snackfood Company ran a series of adverts for their Football Crazy product through various British weeklies during 1978. The adverts or Fascinating Facts File would feature an amusing historical fact from the world of English football, Illustrated by Paul Sample. Sample is a British cartoonist and illustrator well-known for his cartoon character Ogri. Ogri, has been running in Bike magazine for 35 years, with a single 3-year gap in the mid-1980s. Sample also illustrates the covers for the Wilt series of comedic novels by Tom Sharpe.

Football Crazy, the snack or crisp, came in a football-style packet and were miniatures of bacon-flavoured ambiguously football-shaped maize balls. And all this for the humble sum of 5 pence! A promotional incentive meant that if you saved enough packets, you could send away and join the Smith’s Football Crazy Club, whereupon you would receive a club badge, a transfer of your favourite team and a regular club newspaper.

Smith’s Football Crazy Fascinating Facts File No. 1

Smith’s Football Crazy Fascinating Facts File No. 2

Smith’s Football Crazy Fascinating Facts File No. 4

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