Saturday, 28 June 2008

A Gigantic Grammatical Mistake by Grandreams! Fantastic Four Annual 1980

The Fantastic Four Annual 1980 from Grandreams has the usual reprints one expects from a Marvel UK annual:

Reprint from Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4 (Marvel) [Feb 1975]: 21p ‘Madrox the Multiple Man’ (Featuring: The Fantastic Four) Len Wein/Chris Claremont (Script) John Buscema (Pencils) Chic Stone & Joe Sinnott (Inks)

Reprint from Fantastic Four #28 (Marvel) [Jul 1964]: 23p ‘We Have to Fight the X-Men’ (Featuring: The Fantastic Four) Stan Lee (Script) Jack Kirby (Pencils) Chic Stone (Inks)

However the annual contains some original Marvel UK material. Sporting a cover, possibly by Paul Neary, and two stories illustrated by an uncredited David Lloyd, easily recognisable due to his brilliant shadowy and evocative style: ‘A Shade to Dangerous’ and ‘The Rescue’. I’m uncertain as to the writer of the stories but wait up ‘True Believer’ is that a grammatical mistake I see?

'A Shade to Dangerous' 5p (Featuring: The Fantastic Four) text story [David Lloyd] (illustrations)

'The Rescue' 6p (Featuring: The Fantastic Four) text story [David Lloyd] (illustrations)

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